Differences between Asians

Letters, Normal

I REFER to your report “US expat rebuked over racist tirade” (Oct 29) referring to a column in the Post-Courier on Oct 24 that excerpted something from my blog.
I would recommend that The National, an RH-owned newspaper, to go back to the blog itself and re-read the particulars of my comments, which specifically advised my readership to discern the differences between different Asians in PNG today.
The fact that the RH Malaysians come off badly in the piece is entirely interpretative, as I cite several Chinese bloggers directly who make their own anti-Papua New Guinean racist comments.
To conclude the article by quoting Mr (Nathaniel) Ho as saying “the absurdity of this would not be lost on anyone who understands the differences between Asian communities” is exactly my point – clearly he has not read the original blog (www.nancysullivan.typepad.com).
As a newspaper, you have a responsibility to present even-handed material and at the very least, read the documents you refer to in an article.


Nancy Sullivan
Via email


Editor’s note: The Oct 29 article “US expat rebuked over racist tirade” in The National was based on a press statement issued by the Rimbunan Hijau (PNG) Group and comments from Mr Ho in response to an article published in the Post-Courier on Oct 24.
The Post-Courier attributed the article to Nancy Sullivan and described it as an “analysis” of anti-Asian sentiments in PNG.
In her email, Sullivan suggests that The National should have read her blog before publishing the response. We disagree.
If Sullivan feels that the article “excerpted from her blog” by Post-Courier has misrepresented her position, it is for her to clarify with that newspaper.
We did not sight any clarification and as such consider her to be satisfied with the article as was published in the Post-Courier.
We also believe that as an academic, one should refrain from racist insinuations as is prevalent in Sullivan’s article. Sadder still is that she has tried to pass off others as racist.
The Chinese are widely-recognised as an industrious people who are prepared to travel far and brave much hardship in order to seek a better future, usually not for themselves but for their children and future generations. They have greater concerns and priorities than a good tuck of noodles which Sullivan seems to have a problem with.