Difficulties with Christian faith


IN our world today, we see many people having difficulties with Christian faith.
Even Christians themselves are very uncomfortable with their faith. In America the Catholics are probably the worse in faithlessness.
These Catholics have not understood the gospel in Mathew 16:18.
The next group is Protestants.
They protested against Catholics but now they might not have seen the evil in division.
Evangelicals are probably the strongest when it comes to faith and morals.
They are making strong stances for Christianity.
Why is there so much Christophobia?
PNG, as a Christian nation, is under big influences.
Morality is under attack.
Why paint with Christian paint brush and yet copy-cat Christophobia?
Husbands were now partners or spouses. What about man Adam’s place as head of created things?
What is wrong with us keeping Christian faith in public space?
Only enemy is Satan.
So why give space to Satan to settle and terrorise us?
PNG is warned to be wary of Christophobia that is sweeping through the world under guise of human rights that idolises human person over God.

Christian Monitor