Digicel announces new TV deal

The National, Friday July 8th, 2016

DIGICEL PNG and WWE, a New York listed company, have announced a new agreement to broadcast Raw® and SmackDown® in the Pacific Islands.
As of yesterday, Digicel Play subscribers in Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Tonga, Samoa and some other Pacific Islands would be able to watch WWE’s flagship programmes – Raw and SmackDown – on TVWAN Action for the first time.
Raw will air weekly at 5 pm every Thursday, while SmackDown airs weekly at 11 am starting on Sunday.
“We are delighted to bring our fans in the Pacific WWE’s unique blend of action-packed, family entertainment every week,”  Ed Wells, WWE executive vice president international said.
“With WWE’s upcoming brand extension, this is an incredibly exciting time for Digicel Play subscribers as they will have an opportunity to watch two distinctive programs, Raw and SmackDown.
Digicel Play chief executive, Nico Meyer said: “WWE is very popular all around the world and we are looking forward to bringing it into the homes of people across the Pacific.
“Digicel Play subscribers will now have the opportunity to watch Raw and SmackDown, with each episode airing the same week as the US.”