Digicel budgets K10mil-plus for SIM registration exercise


MORE than K10 million has been committed to the ongoing SIM registration exercise by Digicel, the chief executive Valde Ferradaz says.
Ferradaz said that Digicel had 3000 agents around the nation registering subscribers’ SIM cards as required by the National Information Communication and Technology Authority.
“We have in excess of 3000 people empowered as SIM registration agents across the country outside our direct channels,” Ferradaz said.
“Our agents are commissioned, thus we are creating further employment in the informal sector. We are investing in excess of K10 million on the project.
“We encourage anyone who have not registered their SIM to do so to avoid disconnection.”
Ferradaz also noted comments by Nicta chief executive Charles Punaha that Digicel had registered 1.5 million subscribers with 2.5 million yet to be registered.
“All information by Nicta remains the prerogative of the regulator and thus serves as the official report,” Ferradaz said.
Minister for Communication and Information, Technology and Energy Sam Basil also mentioned the possibility of an extension of the SIM card registration deadline next year.
“The proposed expiry date of SIM registration is Jan 23, but we might push the deadline to March.
“We have to make sure that everyone who owns a SIM card in this country is registered.
“We will make sure that the operators must work with Nicta to ensure that if we extend the deadline, then that will be the final deadline.”
Operators who continue to provideservices to customers not registered after the notice period face a K50,000 penalty for each non-registered subscriber, according to the SIM Card Registration Regulation 2016.