Digicel cup finals


INTERCITY rugby league followers throughout the country and those in hosting centres can thank Mt Hagen Eagles and Rabaul Gurias at this point in the season and congratulate the Goroka Lahanis and Hela Wigmen for reaching another milestone in 2019.
Players from all teams participating in this year’s competition, including the Central Dabaris and Kimbe Cutters, had done well to entertain thousands and prevented many from illicit activities since the kick off in April.
The competition is now trimmed down to four teams and the minor semi-finals.
At this stage we thank Stanley Hondina and those who have made the decision to stage all finals in Port Moresby.
When semifinals were hosted in outside centres, the home teams had the advantage and in many occasions, intimidated officials and spectators.
Loud music also disadvantaged the opposition, especially when their players penetrated the opposition’s 40 metre mark and approached the oppositions red zone. The music volume increased in intensity until a try was scored, very irritating to the opposing players. Visiting teams were also intimidated by the crowd throughout the competition.
Now that we have four teams in the final, we can support all four clubs by encouraging all players and officials to perform to their best .
The world is watching as illustrated by the British Lion’s decision to play the Kumuls towards the end of the year.
The Tigers-Tumbe game should be tough since both clubs have a number of Hunters players in the team.
The Lahanis-Wigmen game should be a thriller since the Hela boys are renowned for their sudden bursts of flare in attack and can really cause an upset.
The Lahanis on the other hand is a team filled with players who are mentored to soak up all that is thrown at them.
These boys can spend the whole day soaking up all that is thrown at them until an opportunity presents itself.
Both Tigers and Tumbe must know now that whether or not they meet in the grand final this can be determined by the result of the game between the Lahanis and the Wigmen.
This two teams are just as capable of outplaying one, outplaying the looser of Tigers-Tumbe and meet the remainder in two weeks.
Go you good boys, make PNG proud!


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