Digicel gives away Land Cruiser

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The National, Friday 14th June 2013

 LAE resident Waigu Kenttis is now the lucky owner of new Land Cruiser, thanks Digicel’s “Super 8” promotion. 

The proud new vehicle owner says now that he has won a Land Cruiser, he may put it up for hire. 

Kenttis is from Sialum, Morobe, and lives with his family in Lae. 

He was named the fourth winnerof Digicel’s “Super 8” promotion. 

He said in Pidgin: “Mi gat bikplaamamastru lo wanem em wanpla bik planid stret. Olsemna mi amamasstret lo displa win blo mi.”

(I am very happy because this was a major need. So I am very excited about my win). 

Waigu said he has been making several top-ups in the past days with the aim to win.

Digicel’s chief executive officer John Mangos said: “It’s great to see another happy customer in the Momase region. 

“We are glad that this vehicle will serve Waigu Kenttis’ needs … this promotion has attracted a lot of interest nationwide and it’s good to see that we are assisting Papua New Guineans in a practical way.”

Since the start of the competition there have been four winnersone from Port Moresby, Madang, Lihir and now Lae. 

Digicel’s “Super 8” competition ends in four weeks’ time with four more Land Cruisers to be won. 

Winners are drawn every Wednesday and the last will be on July 10.