Digicel launches new TV in Chimbu

The National, Thursday July 14th, 2016

DIGICEL says the launching of its new Digital Terrestrial Television in Chimbu will enable residents to access affordable television and provide investment opportunities to local suppliers and contactors.
It was launched on Tuesday by Governor Noah Kool.
The residents now have the DTT and Direct-to-Home television broadcast technology.
Residents in the region can now receive signal from the DTT site. Those in the remote areas of Simbu are still able to access television content through Digicel Play’s satellite technology.
Digicel Goroka general manager Peter Chromiec said Digicel Play was thrilled to make television viewing more accessible for everyone in PNG.
“With the recent launching of two new satellite dishes now transmitting television across PNG, Digicel Play continues to invest in the country’s communications industry,” he said.
“Digicel Play is always looking at ways to improve television availability and quality for our viewers and the investment of these two dishes highlight this commitment to customers.
“The introduction of DTT technology will make television viewing much easier. Customers can simply purchase a Digicel Play box and the antenna to receive television.”
DTT is available in Port Moresby, Mt Hagen, Madang, Rabaul, Buka, Goroka and Lae.