Digicel price hikes


WE all know that Digicel is the leading telecommunications provider in Papua New Guinea.
We salute the company for its investments which is ensuring that its services reach even the most remote areas.
Every investment involves costs, and the return on investment can take a while to be realised.
Businesses pass the costs on to their customers in return for the products or services they provide.
Digicel PNG used to provide some reasonable offers that cater for the low, medium and high-income earners, but recently there had been some changes.
The new offers are discriminatory because low and medium-income earners have not been considered in Digicel’s new pricing structure.
For example, there used to be a K1 daily combo plan but that is now K2 minimum. The company may be wanting to get its money back faster, but that is not being fair to its customers.
It is better to provide offers that are affordable to different brackets of customers. In business, customer satisfaction is everything.
Please Digicel be fair to all your customers.

Frustrated customer, Madfox,

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