Digicel staff learn family planning tips

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The National, Thursday 10th November 2011

STAFF of Digicel (PNG) Ltd have been encouraged to practise safe sex and lead healthy lifestyles.
The company held a two-day training workshop for its workers last week.
Chief executive officer John Mangos said the training was organised by Digicel (PNG) to assist its workers in their daily lives at a time of increasing social issues and epidemics in the country.
Digicel engaged Population Services International (PSI) PNG, under its Digiskills Life Diploma programme, to conduct the training last Wednesday and Thursday at the Digicel headquarters in Port Moresby.
The 185 staff in Port Moresby were educated on family planning and sex. 
They were trained on family planning methods to lessen the risk of sexually-transmitted diseases and infertility management. They were also given pre-conception counselling. 
The training covered four topics: communication, contraceptive methods, birth spacing and female-male condom practical sessions.
From what they had learnt, the participants were expected to have skills in communicating with their partners, know contraceptive methods, understand benefits of birth-spacing and know condom and its uses and benefits.
“The initiative is driven by Digicel (PNG) to help its staff members improve their daily living by having information of issues which are relevant to their individual needs,” Mangos said.
Digicel employees have been benefiting from the Digiskills Life Diploma programme since it was first held in April this year.
Trainings conducted so far were on finance, diabetes, malaria and tuberculosis with help from the Digicel Foundation-funded Kaugere Mobile Health clinic.