Digicel to upgrade tracking platform

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The National,Wednesday 13th of February, 2013

DIGICEL Business will introduce a new product in March to upgrade the existing vehicle tracking platform in Papua New Guinea according to chief executive officer Gary Seddon yesterday.
Seddon said at a breakfast seminar at Grand Papua Hotel that the vehicle tracking platform had been outlived and Digicel Business would be upgrading it.
He said in crash situations, the F6 tech service was capable of automatically providing detailed crash information to both the emergency services and insurance companies.
“This includes crash location, severity and direction of impacts to the vehicle and delta V, speed at time of impact. The F6 tech service is capable of real time monitoring and reporting on driver behavioural. This will allow insurance companies to accurately categorise customers by tighter risk definitions.”
Seddon said the service would also provide advanced fleet management services, driver behavior, eco- services, fuel consumption and tacograph emulation among others.  
He said at the time of impact would send you information via email, text messages of what happened.
The flexible nature of the overall F6 service means that customer specific applications can be delivered as required.