Digicel warns customers of dubious or prank calls

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The National, Thursday 18th April 2013

 PEOPLE are being warned to beware of dubious and prank calls from individuals claiming to represent mobile phone company 


Lydia Kayok from Beon village in Madang yesterday complained that a caller (number known) text her number with the message, “Congratulations for being the winner of current flex card promotions worth K50,000 in cash prize. For claim call our manager on 70526728 or www.digicelpng.com.au

Kayok decided to check and verify the message but when she called back the man claiming to be the Digicel manager asked for her private account details within 

seven days.

Being a villager she decided to use a friend’s account but her friend became suspicious after Lydia told her to lend K250 to her to purchase flex cards to that amount.

The pair then decided to verify the story with Digicel which found that the message was a scam.

Digicel gave various examples of other unsuspecting clients who had been duped.

The customer care representative said that any messages from Digicel would be sent from either the 200 or 400 numbers and not private numbers.