Diocese needs help


DURING the late 80s-90s, Northern was once known as an Anglican province mostly dominated by Anglican Christians.
The ministries were so powerful.
There were God-fearing people who were chosen and appointed as bishops of the Anglican Church of PNG’s Diocese of Popondetta.
Bishops went for pastoral visits, most importantly the welfare of their clergy man.
The relationship between the clergymen and the bishops were one so there was unity.
I never saw a bishop’s family member taking control of the diocese vehicle or even drinking on the vehicle.
All that has now gone, the diocese is about to collapse.
Too much talking.
I don’t know whether the diocese has money.
The priest is currently facing challenges in taking care of the parish.
As a concerned member of the Anglican Church, I want the Archbishop to take this matter into consideration and do something to rescue the diocese.
So far, there were no major projects undertaken in the past term.
Buildings in the diocese are deteriorating.
Archbishop, please visit the christians in certain parishes and get their views of how the diocese is operating at the moment.
Please do something.

Concerned Anglican

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