Dion asked to explain Tiensten axing from NA

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POMIO leaders are demanding an explanation from East New Britain Governor Leo Dion and National Alliance branch executives on why their MP Paul Tiensten was dumped as branch party member.
They demanded Mr Dion’s resignation before the 2012 general elections, otherwise, Pomio would not support East New Britain’s quest for autonomy.
They also called on NA leader Sir Michael Somare to reconsider the Mr Tiensten’s expulsion.
The Pomio leaders have planned a protest march in Kokopo this week over the unceremonious dumping of their MP.
East Pomio local-level government president Herman Yareng, who claimed to represent five other LLG presidents, called a media conference yesterday claiming the decision by the ENB branch of NA was a slap in the face of the people of Pomio.
“There was no proper consultation informing all the National Alliance leaders and not even proper consultation with Mr Tiensten to let him know where he went wrong and to put him back on track.”
He said the New Guinea Islands NA convention in June, the part emphasis to bring in all 17 seats in the region under National Alliance.
Mr Yareng said the convention also stressed stability, continuity and good governance.
“The decision by the ENB branch has now caused division in the province.”
He said the decision by the ENB branch to dump Mr Tiensten from the party was baseless and an injustice to Mr Tiensten and the people of Pomio.
“This move is racist and the leaders of East New Britain are part and parcel in the axing of Mr Tiensten,” Mr Yareng said.