Dion hails East New Britain life skills training

The National,Monday June 20th, 2016

DEPUTY Prime Minister and East New Britain MP Sir Leo Dion has commended the provincial government and administration for taking ownership of the life skills training initiative.
Sir Leo said the announcement by Governor Ereman ToBaining that the provincial government was supportive of the initiative was good for the programme.
Officiating at the Nanuk life skills training graduation last Friday, ToBaining said the government would take ownership of the programme.
He acknowledged Dion’s support in nurturing and getting the programme off the ground.
“The governor’s announcement was an indication that the provincial government will harness the initiative and create a pathway for the graduates to advance beyond the basic training they had received,” Sir Leo said.
“I am in full support of life skills training because it will provide a window of opportunity and empower youths.”
He said human resource was important for the province and urged the provincial government to embrace the initiative.
About 1000 youths and adults from Kokopo and Gazelle districts have graduated from the life skills training programme including 15 trade disciplines such as carpentry, plumbing, brick-making, tailoring and baking to name a few. Meanwhile, Sir Leo commended the Rabaul district administration for reviving traditional fishing methods.
A total of 31 people, including five women, were awarded certificates last Friday after completing a traditional fish trap-making course.
The traditional fish trap, Avup, is environmentally friendly and cheap and it was important to be taught to pass on the knowledge to the young generations.