Dion pleased with celebrations

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EAST New Britain Governor Leo Dion appealed to all law abiding citizens to work with and help the police maintain law and order.
He said it was worrying to see a rise in crime, illegal possession of high-powered firearms, cultivation of marijuana and illegal home brewing.
“I urge the people to help the police by providing detailed information for the police to act swiftly.
“There are fugitives to be nabbed and troublemakers to be identified.
“The illegal possession of firearms is also on the rise and those involved must be identified and captured,” he added.
Mr Dion said communal security woes could be eradicated if the police and community leaders worked hand in hand to nab troublemakers.
He commended the successful Christmas and New Year festivities that ended without any major incidents.
He thanked the police for working tirelessly during the festive season and the provincial administration and business community for financially supporting security efforts.
Mr Dion said he wanted the special operation “Bright Star” to continue until law and order was under control.