Dion rejects calls to quit

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EAST New Britain Governor Leo Dion said he will not resign from office.
He said he would not entertain any calls from a group or groupings, who were calling for his resignation, as there was nothing for him to resign over.
He said the groups led by certain individuals had been misled into believing that he was behind the decision to remove Pomio MP Paul Tiensten from the provincial branch of the National Alliance party.
Mr Dion said in a statement that the office he held was a mandated office and belonged to the people of East New Britain.
“There is absolutely nothing to resign over. I do not understand what this is all about, but now we can really see what certain elements within the community are capable of. This is both disgusting and unnecessary as far as I am concerned.”
Mr Dion said as far as he was concerned, the National Alliance, ENB branch decision remains with the party as is a matter for the party to address.
“The Member for Pomio is still a National Alliance member until the National Executive Committee of the party meets to decide on the branch decision.”
He said those so-called leaders in the community, who were finger pointing him as the instigator of Tiensten’s removal, should challenge him in the 2012 national election.