Dion seems aloof about critical issues

Letters, Normal

The National, Monday March 10th, 2014

 WHAT a big effort from Deputy Prime Minister Leo Dion to praise sacked ministers William Duma and David Arore for accepting  the  prime minister’s decision. 

Was it a relief or did it sooth the two ministers? 

I can almost guarantee that it did nothing for their pain and probably aggravated it instead. 

Is that the best from our deputy prime minister? 

He has not said much this year in terms of international or domestic relations, or even about important government affairs such as the awarding of medical contracts, the Manus asylum incidents and grievances, the Nautilus seabed mining and issues closer to home involving the police force, prison department and the defence force. 

I wonder if the deputy prime minister is taking any interest in the country. Or is still in his asleep? 


Duffy, Via email