Diplomacy involves building ties with leaders, people: GG


THE country recognises the importance of maintaining good relations with other countries and plans to establish diplomatic ties with more nations, says Governor-General Grand Chief Sir Bob Dadae.
He hosted a function at Government for members of the Diplomatic Corp on Tuesday evening at Government House.
“I see the role of the diplomatic corp as extending beyond matters of state diplomacy,” Sir Bob said.
“Modern diplomacy involves building relationships with the leaders of the nations as well as the people.”
The event was attended by ambassadors, high commissioners and their spouses.
A minute of silence was observed for the late Lady Hannah Dadae, Sir Bob’s wife who passed away late last year.
“The first port of call for any visiting head of state to PNG is to Government House,” he said.
“Likewise, foreign envoys also present their credentials at Government House.”
Sir Bob’ said it was important for diplomats to conduct their businesses in accordance with the Vienna Convention (1996) which contains agreed principles, international conventions and protocols for the conduct of international relations.
He said the Department of Foreign Affairs was the official point of contact for diplomatic business.
“PNG enjoys friendly diplomatic relations with some 90 countries around the world,” he said.
“We value and appreciate our relations with your respective countries and organisations.”
European Union Ambassador Ioannis Giogkarakis Argyropoulos said the role of diplomats extended beyond matters of state diplomacy.
“While it is bread-and-butter of all of us diplomats to build relationship with the leaders of nations and their government, the importance of also engaging with the people of those nations can hardly be over-estimated,” he said.