Directive affects PMV operations


CAN this be the answer to get PMV buses and trucks to revert to paying normal bus fares all around the country?
Social distancing is the way forward to control the spread of Covid-19.
But that has greatly affected the movement of people and sitting arrangement for passengers travelling on PMVs daily.
Authorities should look into offering free personal protective equipment (PPE) to all PMV owners to be distributed to passengers.
Once they disembark they can use that when moving around or dispose it.
Some may have their own masks but can only be given hand gloves.
Most PMV buses have 15/26 seats.
Getting all 15/26 passengers back will greatly help all parties’ involved in the PMV trade – passenger, PMV owner, driver and crew.
Trials can be given to those PMVs operating longer distances such as Mutzing, 40-Mile and Nazab in Morobe.
PPE will create a chain reaction and the following will automatically fall in line:

  • SAFE guard passengers;
  • BUS fares will reduce back to normal;
  • NORMAL fares, more people will start to travel and move around;
  • MORE people movement, stores will start to see increase in daily takings;
  • PRODUCTION of needed items will increase; and,
  • LAID off workers to return to work.

BigLeva via email

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