Directives too harsh


THE school resumption directives made by the Eastern Highlands education division is too harsh for students and teachers to adjust to.
The education division is treating the coronavirus as an ordinary cough, running nose and common flu.
Challenges faced by schools in urban centres is different from those schools in rural areas – their needs differ.
The provincial education should seek updated information on the status of the confirmed case in the province.
These information should be examined before directing teachers and students to resume classes.
Goroka is home to the Institute of Medical Research and it is the only place to gather factual information.
There is no certainty that the virus has spread but precaution and safety measures is a priority and should be seriously considered.
How would schools get the required personal protective equipment and other necessary wash materials because it is not available?
How could students and teachers effectively accomplish what’s being directed now that schools have already resumed?
A magic wand and a magician is what’s needed right now.
Why not give ample time for schools to prepare before allowing students to attend school?
Teachers, it’s up to you to act on facts and situations happening on the ground.
Parents, your child’s life is precious. Do not sell their lives to the coronavirus pandemic.
Little children in elementary and primary schools would be in a very critical position to implement the directives outlined.
Teacher’s welfare and wellbeing should be taken into consideration like life insurance cover.
Any decisions made should be done on factual information and not on feelings, presumption, assumption, prediction or guesses.

Goroka District

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