Disability centre finds new friend

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THE PNG Red Cross Inclusive Education Resource Centre now has a new friend – the Department of Prime Minister and National Executive Council.
Acting secretary policy John Punde and staff yesterday treated occupants with a cake and two boxes of ice cream at Hohola in Port Moresby.
Punde delivered a speech to mark the Day for Persons Living with Disabilities that fell on Dec 3.
“A disability is not exclusive to one group of people because we all depend on each other to survive,” he said. “To make our society inclusive, we must embrace our disabilities and we all must work together in our different capacities to support each other.
“Yes, some people will need more help than others, but as a society we must stand ready to help and support them.
“This includes the Government system. It must cater for citizens with special needs.”
Punde said to address the needs of people with disabilities, the Government had enshrined this in the Constitution.
This has been further captured in Vision 2050.
“More and more organisations are creating accessibility for persons with disabilities in our new structures and buildings,” Punde said. “We in the Government have taken a lead in this.
“For instance, the former Pineapple and the current Manasupe Haus accommodates for people with disabilities.
“The building is disability-friendly and they have suitable rest rooms.”
Punde has assured them of support in the future.

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