Disability is not a problem

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The National, Thursday June 20th, 2013


LIVING with a disability is not going to stop woman leader Miti Bradford Katu from contesting the president’s post in the Salamaua local level government, Morobe.

She is up against 19 male candidates for the seat in Huon Gulf, Morobe currently held by former premier Joshua Hagai.  

Katu is a strong advocate for women living with disabilities and a management staff of the Salamaua Haus Kibung.

Katu and Maria Tamudu from Lagui, Ward 11 are the only women among 105 candidates contesting the president and council seats.

Tamudu is one of the 85 candidates vying for the 17 ward council seats.

Assistant returning officer (ARO) Joe Paru said that Busama village alone contributed 10 nominees for council and four for president.

Interior communities include Hote, Yamap, Musim, Popdubi and Mubo contributed four candidates for president.

“Interior communities intention was to bring the leadership (president) seat back that was held by Yalambing Daumbing which Hagai then dethroned in 2008” Paru said.

Former public servants and intellectuals in the likes of Passingan Talu, Mark Sina Buiyo, Philemon Tomala and others were eyeing for president seat.

However, small people in the village were prepared and keen to challenge own elites to see who could be their next president.

Paru said that four polling teams, two along the coastline and two in the interior communities would cover Hote, Yamap, Musim, Nainpos, Popdubi, Mubo, Kaiwa including Bunsil, Lababia and Laukanu  at coast.