Disability no barrier for Matagu


DISABILITY should not be used as an excuse to stop people from venturing into small to medium-sized enterprises, according to Vara Matagu.
Matagu, 35, from Pari and Aroma, in Central, is a member of the NCD Deaf Association.
She displayed her work as a tailor at the Women in Economy Summit at the International Convention Centre, in Port Moresby. She worked for someone else for 12 years before the business wound down. She started her tailoring business in 2013.
She has expanded the business to sew for family groups and churches.
The Foursquare Church at Kaugere is her biggest client.
She underwent multi-skill training while at the Red Cross School for the Deaf. Her mentor, Hilda Igo Tuaru, helped her.
She was engaged by the community development department to sew uniforms for the staff.
And through that department, she was able to display her work at the SME expo.
People are calling her to place orders.
“I feel very happy that I have been given an opportunity to display my products and I hope that it will help me to draw more customers,” Matagu said.

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