Disabled: GG should dissolve parliament

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The National, Thursday 15th December 2011

PARLIAMENT should be dissolved to allow the people to decide their leaders in the general election, says Brown Kapi.
Kapi, chairman of the national board for disabled persons was responding to the political situation in which the former government of Sir Michael Somare had successfully challenged the legitimacy of the Peter O’Neill government in court. 
He said what had happened in the past two days had caused confusion for people and “the one with the legitimate role should dissolve Parliament and let the people decide through their votes next year”.
“The country is in confusion. I ask the Governor-General to step in and take responsibility to dissolve the government or Parliament so PNG can have fresh go in the 2012 general election,” he said.
He said as the person representing the people with disabilities, “there is a need for the government to attain stability to seriously consider delivering vital services to the rural people, where people with disabilities are greatly affected”.
“As a citizen I am certain of how much we (people with disability) can benefit including other marginalised people if the government is steady and not shaky in its standing and power.”