Disabled: Govt should build special markets

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The National, Monday 27th May 2013


A MAN living with a disability has come out in support of three others in Lae who have been stopped from selling their wares outside shops in the city.

The Lae District Court last week ordered three people living with disabilities to cease doing business in front of shops in Top Town.

One of the three is a paralympian who has represented the country at two Olympics for the disabled overseas.

Mala Demok, who is Paralysed in both feet and walks around with the aid of crutches, said while he respected the court ruling, the government should look at erecting a market for disabled people in Lae where they can sell their wares. 

He said People Living With Disabilities (PLWD) could not use the public markets as it was too crowded and they became victims when fights or trouble broke out.  

Demok, from Mumeng, Morobe said they also had families and as with many people in Lae, resorted to selling betel nut and cigarettes just to make ends meet.

“Mipela gat save na mipela inap ogenaisim mipela yet tasol mipela laikim gavman I mas lukluk long problem bilong mipela na givim sampela halivim (We have savvy and can organise ourselves but we need government assistance),” he said.

The great grandfather called on Lae MP and Minister for Religion, Youth and Community Development Loujaya Toni to visit them and discuss their plight.

There are about 600 registered PLWDs in Morobe.