Disabled: Look at my ability

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The National, Wednesday June 26th, 2013


“DON’T not look at my disability but rather look at my ability,” a disabled candidate for the Gulf local level government elections says.

Susuve Maiva, who is contesting the Kerema Central LLG president’s seat, said that disabled people must not be discriminated against in their bid to contest the elections.

“Since the Disability Act was enacted in Parliament, it is proper that normal people should give opportunities to people with disabilities to venture into any form of activity that can contribute to nation building,” he told The National yesterday.

“We should be considered as partners and be allowed freely with able people to work with them side by side.

“My policies that are in place at the moment are to achieve better education, health care and most importantly social benefits and recognition especially for people with disabilities to be able to break free of that barrier and contribute meaningfully back to the society.”

Maiva said a disabled woman was also contesting the elections.

“The female candidate, Doris Milases, is an elementary teacher by profession and despite her gender and disability, she has also decided to take up the challenge to contest because she sees the need for change in her respective ward council,” he said.

“I am also appealing to the People’s National Congress (PNC) Party and governor, who is also a PNC member, to come forward and support us in this election so that when we work together service delivery will be filtered down smoothly from the National Government right down to the local level government.”