Disabled sits exams

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The National, Monday 28th November 2011

By Sally Tiwari
Michael Mapai proved everyone wrong when he finished his final combined subject examination last Thursday, an hour early despite being given extra time to account for his disability.
Mapai, 18, from Mekeo, Central, was among the 47 students of Kopkop College who sat for their examinations last week.
Wheelchair-bound Mapai is a special student; he reads, writes and loves playing keyboard like any other student but his pace is much slower than his able-bodied peers.
Despite being given an extra 30 minutes, Michael sat through all his examinations, finishing on time like all other students and made a big impression when he handed his combined subject paper in an
hour early.
Kopkop College owner and principal, Maria Kopkop said the school asked for special timing for Mapai because they thought he would need it, but he proved them wrong.
Mapai started his education at Kopkop College seven years ago after being assessed by the Cheshire Homes Disability Centre which saw him fit for a normal education and recommended him to attend a primary school.
Kopkop said when Mapai first came to the school she was worried that the school did not have the special
teaching service available to suit his condition.
But she said today he was an inspiration to other students.
She said if Mapai continued his studies to Grade 9 next year, she would have to arrange for special teachers to help him.
Kopkop said Mapai had gained affection from all his school mates, who were always there to help him whenever he needed it.
Mapai, who loves drawing, dreams to be an architect one day.
He’s encouragement to others in similar situations, is simple: Think positive and accept who you are.
Mapai’s mother, Benardine said he wanted to complete the rest of
his education at Kopkop College because the school was like his second home.