Disabled students ask not to be discriminated against

National, Normal

THE 2010 National Disability Day was observed in Goroka, Eastern Highlands province, last Friday.
Educational institutions including the University of Goroka (UOG) and Mt Sion Blind Centre participated in many of the events.
Students and lecturers from UOG’s inclusive special education strand added support and strength with colourful banners.
Celebrations began with a march around the main streets of Goroka town with banners and placards displaying messages to give equal opportunities to people with disabilities.
Students from the Mt Sion Blind Centre staged musical performances and asked the public not to discriminate against them because of their disability.
In a similar observance of Tuberculosis (TB) Day in Kainantu last Wednesday, Eastern Highlands provincial health division director Ben Haili appealed to the people of Eastern Highlands to curb the spread of TB.
He applauded the involvement of NGOs, saying to effectively eradicate TB in the province, public private partnership should be encouraged at all levels.
Mr Haili called on the people to go to their nearest health centres to obtain information on how to avoid contracting and spreading the disease.