Disabled teenager Nagong receives wheelchair, food

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By MIRIAM ZARRIGA in Finschhafen
THE smile on Tita Nonang’s face said it all when he was given a new wheelchair and food for his family at his Bugaim village in Finschaffen, Morobe yesterday.
The 18-year-old who lives with a disability can only move around using his right arm.
A group of policemen noticed his plight and organised to raise funds to buy him a wheelchair last week.
But when their appeal for assistance was published in The National, the Lohberger Engineering Limited volunteered to provide Tita a wheelchair.
Police Sergeant John Bain and his team of 12 officers deployed to the Finschhafen from Port Moresby received the modified wheelchair from the company in Lae on Tuesday and handed it over to Tita at the village yesterday.
Sgt Bain said Tita always had a smile on his face and waved to them every time they drove past his home.
“The assistance from Lohberger is something my man and I are thankful for,” he said.
Mum Marengo Joseph was in disbelief when the wheelchair was handed over to a smiling Tita who asked his uncle Tita Joseph and his elementary teacher Hudson Gom to push him around just to show it off to everyone.
Tita and his mother received food and household items from The National.
Marengo thanked The National for the food and household items, saying she found it hard to find food for her and Tita every day as she was old.
Villagers of Bugaim in the Yabim-Mape local level government area witnessed the handing over of the wheelchair and food items yesterday.


  • We want Our Policemen and Policemen to behave like that demonstrated the true citizen and love for their people at Community Level – well Pom Cops great achievement you all deserve an award from the state. I hope this is brought forward to our Governor General for rewarding.

  • This is the police officers we desire for our country. People oriented, helping and assisting our under privileged citizens is one of our melanesian cultural values. This was actioned by our police officers. I have lost respect for our police force lately but this gesture and act of kindness shown to our young fellow is citizen is encouraging that we have very committed police officers serving our nation.

  • Only few police officers are really respecting the uniforms that they wear and doing their job diligently to while others take pride of their uniforms and tarnish the good name of their department…I salute those who really satisfy the needs of this Disabled teenager Nagong,who don’t have any other means and ways to access to such wheelchair for a very long time.

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