Disaster fund made to districts, MP says


SOUTHERN Highlands’ Governor William Powi says disaster-related funding from the National Disaster and Emergency Centre has been made directly to the five district development authorities (DDAs).
But he has no knowledge of the amounts. Powi said the MPs and their DDA board members of Imbonggu, Mendi-Munihu, Kagua-Erave, Nipa-Kutubu and Ialibu-Pangia would know how much funding they had received.
He said the provincial government acted as an overseer involved in coordination work and made visitation to affected areas.
“I have no record of any funding received from the National Disaster and Emergency Centre.
“Only K1 million was given to the provincial government. Acting administrator Joseph Cajestan paid service providers.
“Most of the infrastructure, including people’s homes and properties, were destroyed in last February’s earthquake.
“I would like to make it clear that funding was made directly to the DDAs.”