Disasters hit remote area

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The National, Friday October 18th, 2013


MORE than 2,000 people from a remote area in the Tambul-Nebilyer electorate, Western Highlands, have lost their homes, properties, food gardens, bridges and other belongings in floods.

The bridge at the Kule River that connects the people of Western Highlands and Southern Highlands has partly collapsed.

The affected people are from the Gia council wards one and two in the Mt Guliwe local level government.

They were shocked because it was the first time they had experienced such a disaster.

Flooding on Sept 26 was caused by heavy rain and the overflowing Kagul River  and the nearby creeks. 

It affected tribes  from Waldma, Kaika, Kainba and Gulke.

Some bush material houses had their roofs blown off by the strong winds, while others collapsed.

Garden food, including corn, sweet potatoes and vegetables were lost. Domestic animals were swept away.

Elderly people described it as the first of its kind disaster.

Gia One ward councillor Poke Koropa, community leader Ross Allen from Gia Two and Gia sub-health centre officer in charge Bart Jerry said it would take time for them to return to a normal life.

They said floods, heavy rain and strong winds hit the village last month but because it was quite remote they could not make contact with the provincial disaster office.

Koropa said they had no option but to wait on the government through its disaster offices to assist them.

“Some of our people have left the village while others, whose houses were destroyed, are seeking shelter elsewhere.

“Elderly people back at the village have told us that they did not experience such kinds of disasters in the past,” he said.