Disciplinary officers told to follow rule of law


CHIEF Justice Sir Salamo Injia has urged Madang police and Correctional Services officers to follow the rule of law when performing their duties.
Sir Salamo was in Madang last week to launch the upgrading of National Court facilities when he addressed the officers at a parade.
He said the police force represents the front line and corrections represents the end of that chain of services under the law and justice sector.
“Madang province is a big province and is very significant to this country with a lot of natural resources and is at the forefront of driving the development agenda of this country,” Injia said.
“You play an important role in maintaining the security and the safety of this province.
“I know that you have been doing your jobs diligently, professionally with commitment and dedication before and after independence and will in the future.
“I must commend you for maintaining the security of this province.”
Sir Salamo congratulated the officers for the work they have done to uphold the rule of law tirelessly over the years and under very difficult circumstances.
“I have a very important massage to deliver to you. We know that the rule of law plays an important role in maintaining this country and you should stand straight, think straight, walk straight and do your jobs straight because maintaining the rule of law means abiding by the rule of law,” Sir Salamo said.
He said police should attend to people who went to them to lay complaints.

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