Discipline, good work ethics top police commander’s list


NEW Gulf police commander Chief Inspector Silva Sika is not promising dramatic changes to policing in the province but hopes he can help bring justice to those who have been wronged.
While cutting crime is his obvious job, as far as the force is concerned, his priority list covers discipline, good work ethics, professionalism, outcomes and partnership with stakeholders to prevent crime.
If done properly, these aspects of his work will help reduce crime, he said.
Sika said changes would not happen overnight but it was important to understand that commanders and supervisors were duty-bound to ensure that changes were effected gradually.
“The citizens need justice, fairness and freedom,” he said.
“This will be realised through shared responsibilities with the community and multi-stakeholders, co-creation initiatives reframing crime prevention challenges with the police force in Gulf.”
Sika said Gulf was an integral part of the economic development of PNG with its natural resources, with developers and investors keen for opportunities there, particularly with the Papua LNG project coming up.
“Now is the right time to set foundations through every opportunity to ensure that there is a suitable environment for development,” he said.
Sika thanked Inspector Michael Pakyei for his  effort in stabilising law and order during his term as commander.