Discipline key to success


SPORTS in general is an integral part of a successful life.
I believe that sports can have a positive effect on our young people in terms of discipline.
There are other traits like commitment, determination, sacrifice and dedication to name a few that bring forth success in young people. I see discipline as a very important component of anyone’s personal growth.
In Papua New Guinea, we have a lot of talented youths who are capable of succeeding in almost every sporting code, but ill-discipline has caused them to lose focus and fail.
Until we get that right, we can never achieve the goals we thought we could have achieved.
Our government is allocating a lot of funds to sports in the country like soccer, athletics, cricket, rugby league, and so forth but we only hear of a few success stories like those of Marcus Bai, Toea Wisil, Ryan Pini and Dika Toa, people who have excelled in their various sporting codes – because of discipline.
It is very hard to always maintain discipline in everything we do, or stay focused and determined.
So to all the youths out there, let’s put our heads down and really concentrate on what the future holds for us in our respective sporting codes.

Steven Kagi Bomu
Morobe Kumul