Disciplined force officers receive management training


FIFTEEN officers from the three disciplined forces have completed a three-week public order management course training.
PNG-Australia policing partnership for Apec special operations coordinator Shane McLennan said the training was part of preparations for the 2018 meeting.
“We are directing our efforts towards a number of key capabilities that will help the PNG government deliver a safe and secure Apec event,” he said.
McLennan said one of those capabilities was public order management.
“The first thing is to train the trainers. We are providing another option for the security and disciplined services to be able to control a large crowd that might be getting out of control,” he said. “It is about providing capabilities for the police to bring order and calm to the public without causing injuries and deaths.”
Nine police officers, three soldiers and three Correctional Service officers attended the training.
“The course gives real qualifications to the participants to deliver public order management training to their institutions,” he said.
McLennan said they planned to conduct another training in February for 15 more officers.
“While the police have the lead on security for Apec, it is the responsibility of government departments particularly the disciplined services to contribute,” he said.
“The public order management course was designed to provide a deterrence to unruly behaviour.”