Disciplined forces need hierarchy overhaul

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday November 1st, 2013

 WE have heard so much about rogue cops, dissident soldiers and corrupt correctional service officers for some time now. 

One of the issues we can address without outside assistance is to overhaul the entire discipline forces from within. 

Replace heads with young, intelligent, fearless officers who have worked up the rank and file to take charge and lead by example. 

The biggest enemy to fighting crime and lawlessness is not from the outside, but within. 

It is the officers’ inability to fight crime that is the biggest failure and potential criminals and lawbreakers are taking advantage of that. 

We also see a dangerous trend of members of the disciplined forces are mob-attacking civilians. 

All this can stop if we have young commissioners who are decisive and strong in character and are able to reprimand dissident acts and insubordination within the force.