Disciplined forces undergo public order management training

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FIFTEEN officers from the three disciplined forces last Friday completed a three-week public order management training (POM).
Correctional Services Training College Commandant Redmond Danjiri said nine soldiers, three police officers and three prison officers were joined by a St John Ambulance officer in the course.
The aim is to establish an effective safety and security cell which can manage public disorder during the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) meeting next year.
“I am very pleased. I am looking beyond Apec at what this training will bring into the disciplined forces,” Danjiri said.
“In most cases the forces work together to achieve a common goal, but they don’t train together. Such joint training is the way to go.”
Lieutenant-Colonel Boniface Aruma, the Commanding Officer of the First Royal Pacific Islands Regiment, told the participants to use what they had learned.
“We are embarking on something very big. In fact we cannot do it our own. We need our partners to help us make it happen,” he said. He thanked the PNG-APP and the Australian Government for their support.
“The 16 participants will carry out training in their respective forces and by November 2018, 300-plus POM officers are expected to be ready for the Apec summit.”