Disciplining children put squarely in parents’ lap


PARENTS have the responsibility to start disciplining their children at home, says a senior police officer.
Hohola police station’s Sergeant Ben Trepi was commenting on the arrest of 10 youths on Monday at Hohola in Port Moresby over the alleged possession of dangerous drugs.
“These are youths, children from homes where there are parents who should have disciplined them from the start that consuming of marijuana and other illicit drugs are not good for their health,” he said.
Trepi said if parents had done their part at home to discipline their children, it would have helped in preventing law and order issues in the city.
He said the 10 men, around the age of 25, were sitting on the street smoking marijuana when police arrived.
“This has been an everyday scene where you will see youths sitting on the streets with their peers consuming illegal alcohol and drugs,” he said.
“It also comes back to the general public helping police provide reports and information because after all everyone’s safety is important.”
Trepi said they had searched the pockets and bags of the men and found marijuana.
The 10 were charged with being in possession of dangerous drugs and locked up at the Hohola police station to await their court appearance.

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