Discrimination hampers human rights says UN

National, Normal

DISCRIMINATION hampers the full realisation of social, economic, cultural, civil and political rights, the United Nations resident coordinator David McLachlan-Karr said last Thursday.
Addressing Government officials, civil society organisations, partners and stakeholders at the launch of the 20-day human rights activism, Mr McLachlan-Karr said although the UN pledge clearly stated that all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights, the fight against discrimination remained a daily struggle for millions worldwide.
He said given the example of gender discrimination, many women and girls were still prejudiced against and marginalised, making them particularly vulnerable to violence.
“Our objective is to help promote discrimination-free societies and a world equal treatment for all.
“We should seize the opportunity to join hands to embrace diversity and end discrimination,” Mr McLachlan-Karr said.
He said all too often political leaders, governments and ordinary citizens were silent and complacent when faced with prejudice and discrimination.
“Yet every one of us can make a difference,” he added.
Mr McLachlan-Karr said the theme, “Together we respect, promote and protect human rights for all” pointed to the need to take action to protect all rights without discrimination.
He said human rights entailed both rights and obligations which at the individual level also meant respect for others.
“The challenge we face now is how to ensure that human rights are realised for all the people of PNG.”