Discuss law reforms: Kwa

The National, Monday July 11th, 2016

Government departments and private sector agencies must consult the Constitutional and Law Reform Commission before taking their laws to parliament to be passed.
Commission secretary Dr Eric Kwa (pictured) said certain government departments and agencies have tried to sneak their laws into parliament only to be rejected due to lack of consultation with the commission.
“CLRC is the only law reform agency in the country and there is no other department or agency that is responsible for that role,” he said.
Kwa made this known when introducing the role of the commission to participants at a one-day workshop for the review of the Statistical Services Act 1980 in Pot Moresby last Friday.
“We will tell any government department or agency that is reviewing its laws to stop because we are the mandated agency to do that job,”
He told participants that people were still relying on old laws in these changing times therefore it was required that they (CLRC) review all laws and made them authentic so people could use them.
“People are still using unauthorised data that’s why we are now working closely with all government departments to review their laws.”
He said reviewing laws affected institutions, the government, private sector and citizens.
Kwa said the commission needed to be consulted so that all parties could work together to change laws that would benefit the country.