Disgraceful behaviour


The recent off-field incident involving several PNG Hunters players not returning to camp on time without a valid reason is a disgrace and shows unprofessional conduct.
Wearing the PNG Hunters jersey demands a high standard of professionalism on and off the field.
The players were recruited based on professional standards and their conduct should therefore be guided by policies and rules found in the legal framework of their employment contract.
For an elite PNG Hunters player, poor performance on and off the field is an infringement of their employment contract.
In the past five years, the PNG Hunters management and board have set high standards. Players were disciplined and contracts were terminated in the past due to breaches of their contractual obligations, regardless of their talent or experience.
Although penalties can vary depending on the severity of the player’s conduct, disciplinary actions are the last resort the club management relies on to instill discipline and control in managing a professional organisation.
The Hunters management must continue to maintain the high standards of an elite professional organisation. They need to introduce breathalyser equipment to deal with players who have been out drinking and returning to camp drunk.
If players cannot cope with the PNG Hunters standards and code, then they are free to quit.

BP, Hunters Tok Stret

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