Disgraceful display by the Kumuls

Letters, Normal

IT was sad and disappointing to see the Kumuls being thrashed by the Kiwis.
As a keen and avid follower, coach Stanley Gene should be ashamed of the scoreline.
There were some obvious flaws against the Kangaroos which should have been rectified before taking on the Kiwis but were not carried out.
1. The centre’s pairing Nami and Aiye never ignited any sparks against Australia. So why pair them again?
2. Parker is the reliable option available and Marabe would have replaced him perfectly.
3. Riyong is heavy and lacks speed, thus Kambo is the better option.
4. Loko and Griffin should be paired in both defence and attack while Kuike should come off the bench.
5. Pora should partner Aizue instead of Moni and Nightingale.
6. The countless line drop-outs were due to the wingers not coming in to support the full backs.
7. Why is Pora, the vice-captain, warming the bench instead of in the paddock to lead and organise the team?
The other positions are all right.
Therefore, Gene and his coaching staff must take full responsibility in the demise of the Kumuls in this tournament.
On the other hand, the Kiwis have a full complement of NRL stars and PNG were not expected to win.
But it was disappointing not to see any improvement and the errors continue to happen.
However, as this is only Gene’s second match in charge, we can only hope that he does a thorough review and post-mortem of the NZ match.
In fact, Michael Marum or Mark Mom should have been in charge because they were assistant to Lam in previous games while Gene understudy them.


Wara man
Via email