Disgraceful display of gutter politics

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday 28th December 2011

I AM disgusted and horrified with the deliberate and arrogant way the O’Neill regime is pursuing to keep Sir Michael Somare in the political wilderness.
Just look at the way it bulldozed the amendment to the PM and NEC Act and restricted the age limit of prime ministers to 72.
It was a disgraceful display of gutter politics by a desperate group with no respect for the law in its selfish pursuit to cling on to power at all costs.
Sir Julius Chan was right to urge Peter O’Neill to withdraw what he called “a devious and unscrupulous amendment”.  
In response, Ken Fairweather and Luke Crittin had the callous audacity to claim that older Papua New Guineans do not have the strength, will, courage and “proper competent faculties” to effectively lead Papua New Guinea in this modern day and age.
What utter garbage!
How dare the two white men insult and insinuate that elderly Papua New Guineans above the age of 72 are unfit to govern PNG?
The amendments passed without due process and procedure was designed to effectively ensure that the Grand Chief did not return to power.
While the changing of guard is inevitable, the transition of power must be lawful.
Parliament must not be allowed to do as it pleases just because it has the numbers.
All responsible leaders and go­vernments have the fiduciary responsibility to ensure that PNG, its laws, institutions and processes are protected and strengthened, not abused so that we safeguard our sovereignty and national integrity.
This will give confidence to investors and the international community that we are a stable nation that respects and upholds the rule of law.
I urge parliament to cease this madness.

Wabag, Enga