Disgusted with Wenge’s defamation suit

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday, May 3, 2011

AS a long-time resident of Morobe, I read with disgust the report “Wenge suing Basil for defamation” in The National last week.
I call on Morobe Go­vernor Lu­ther Wenge and Bulolo MP Sam Basil to put aside their political differences and come to a compromise to better serve the people of the province.
This goes for all the othe­r MPs as well.
It amazes me that two leaders, who live in the same city, cannot call each other and make an appointment for a meeting but are using the media to attack each other.
Both leaders should come to a round table and sort their differences and work to address the common issues affecting the province.
Basil is a young leader with passion to change his electorate.
Wenge, on the other hand, is a charismatic leader who has the wow factor and he can mobilise the people of Morobe.
There are many other qualities each of them has that can complement each other to fight for a better Morobe.
The question is who is man enough to take the first step?


Citizen X