Dismissal of arson case a bad start for Jiwaka

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday July 18th, 2013

 PLEASE allow me to express concern on the outcome of an arson case in Mt Hagen involving the burning of ballots for Jiwaka regional seat (The National, July 1). 

I am not a supporter of any party, but am compelled to express my disappointment over the outcome of the court case as a citizen. 

Leaving aside the hauslain politics and tribal affiliation and looking into the legitimacy of the case itself, I have a feeling that if it had been thoroughly investigated and prosecuted, the outcome would have been different. 

I do not know whom to blame for the mishandling of this serious criminal case. 

Now, I feel that I can burn down the Minj district office or the courthouse and walk away laughing without being prosecuted. 

This is a dangerous trend and it is very disturbing to the genuine, law-abiding citizens of Jiwaka. 

What makes it a matter of serious concern is that the issue is being treated lightly when my instincts tell me otherwise. 

It is a bad precedent and there is no guarantee that the rule of law will prevail in Jiwaka. 

Can we have some an honest, dedicated and genuine police prosecution team to reopen the case and allow justice to prevail? 

Patrick Talu Wundai Via email