Displaced city residents appeal to their politicians for help

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The National, Wednesday 09th November 2011

DISPLACED Highlanders taking refuge outside Igam Barracks are pleading for help from the government.
They said they were sleeping in the open, near the gun gate and were using the nearby creek for sanitation.
A little help is coming from soldiers and their families.
They have renewed calls to their provincial representatives in Chimbu, Western and Southern Highlands to repatriate them.
Representatives of the 300-plus Highlanders said they had recorded three deaths since the weekend at the hands of Morobeans.
Many of their relatives are still hiding in bushes.
The displaced people said police yesterday helped to bring in another 15 people to the camp.
A Lutheran pastor from Highlands, named only as Peter, and his family, who was the parish pastor at Musom-Talec, is hiding in the bush.
The number at the Igam Barracks camp had risen from 300 on Sunday to almost 500 from all five highlands provinces.
The displaced highlanders said they also took part by contributing to hire two vehicles to transport Morobean youths to petition Morobe Governor Luther Wenge last Friday.
However, the Morobean youths turned on them, destroying and burning their properties including trade stores, houses and vehicles.
The number of confirmed dead remained at six – five of them are Morobeans allegedly shot by police and one a highlander, allegedly killed by Morobeans.
Three other Western Highlanders received knife wounds.
Two of the Morobeans who died from gun wounds were Basanaka Wanas, 40, male, from Kabwum and Ano Momo, 16, male, from Baindoang, Nabak in Nawaeb district.
The other four are yet to be identified.