Displaced settlers should just go home


THE evicted settlers at Garden Hills in Port Moresby, who have nowhere to go and are asking the Government to resettle them elsewhere, should simply go home.
Selling betel nuts and cigarettes is a waste of time and could lead to one engaging in criminal activities when life gets tough.
Those not working but earning their living by selling betel nuts and cigarettes pack up and go to their province of origin.
Go home and work the land instead of hanging around and stealing from innocent people.
I sympathise with those who owned houses that got burnt down as their homes will not be brought back.
It is a lesson learnt that going forward, do not build permanent houses on a land that you do not own.
Port Moresby is changing rapidly, thanks to National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop.
For developments to come about, settlements need to go.
Settlements are an eye sore for tourists.
They are a breeding ground for thugs.
Let us embrace development.