Displaced settlers want assistance

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The National, Tuesday 28th August, 2012

DISPLACED settlers from the recent 15 Block attack in Kamkumung, Lae city, are calling on authorities for urgent relief to save them from hunger and disease.
These settlers, mainly from Chimbu, have been living in makeshift tents at the Omili Fuel Station for a week but now have moved out to another location at Omili Field. 
They are calling on relief agencies and government authorities to help them by providing clothes, water containers, food and medicine.
Community leaders Paul Morre, Gunua Damot and John Koma extended their call to Chimbu Governor Noah Kul and Sinasina-Yongomul parliamentarian Kerenga Kua to see their people who were suffering in Lae city.
The leaders said more than 300 men, women and children had been displaced for the past two weeks and there had been no help from government or relief agencies.
The attack was triggered by the death of a young Chimbu woman, who was allegedly killed last month by a man from East Sepik.
The Chimbu people retaliated and burnt down two houses belonging to the suspect in the same block.
A peace mediation was conducted but the Sepiks retaliated and burnt down more than 20 houses at the settlement.
The Chimbu people refused to fight and took refuge at the Omili Fuel Station a week ago until last Friday when the proprietor refused to let them stay there anymore.
The community leaders raised concern that most school children and working class people had been affected.