Displaced teachers live out in open

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The National, Friday 25th November 2011

TEACHERS at Kerevat National High School have been displaced from their houses and have been living under dormitories since Tuesday night.
The disappointed teachers said three of them and their families had been forced to move out of their houses with all their property as renovations were now taking place at the school.
Affected teachers who did not want to be named said they were disappointed as they were given little notice to move out before Monday.
They said they were given letters of notification to vacate their homes last Thursday and there was no plan by the caretaker administration headed by Lillian Ahai to house them elsewhere temporarily while renovations were taking place in the school.
The three teachers and their families moved out of their houses on Tuesday and are living under the female dormitories.
“Our children are affected as they are unable to go to school after we were forced to move out and without proper shelter to stay in while renovations are taking place in our homes,” a female teacher said.
The teachers said five staff houses were being renovated – two of which had been vacant while three houses were occupied by teachers and their families.
“There were no immediate plans, no alternate houses to house us temporarily after the administration notified us to move out,” an affected teacher said.
The staff and their families, mostly young children aged one and 10, are sleeping in the open without electricity.
They said they were uncertain how long they would be living under the dormitories as they had no other places to go to.
They said it seemed the school administration was not worried about their welfare.
Attempts to speak with the caretaker teacher Lillian Ahai were unsuccessful as she was unavailable at the school yesterday.