Dispute leads to call for Rosso to pick chairman


THE Lae district law-and-order committee agreed in a meeting yesterday to let Lae MP John Rosso appoint its chairman following a dispute over the role by two committee members.
There is an going tussle for the chairmanship between James Kinjin and Sam Oyaya.
Oyaya said the 23 ward councillors in the district and the committee members would invite Rosso next week to appoint the chairman.
He said that he was still the chairman.  “Since last October when Kinjin was elected to the post as chairman, he was not performing, so I was appointed by former Lae MP Loujaya Kouza,” he said.
However, Kinjin said Oyaya had left to contest the national election and was therefore no longer chairman.
“If Oyaya accepts that he had gone out then there will be no misunderstanding arising in the district law-and-justice sector,” said Kinjin.

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